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Studiomaster Session Mix Gold 16-2, Seck 16:8:2. Soundcraft Spirit Folio 14:2 Soundcraft Spirit Folio 14:2 and Folio Notepad, Mixing Desks.


Fostex DMT -8VL Digital Multitrack, COP-1 Optical Converter M.T.C. time-code lock. Iomega Jaz drive.

Steinberg Cubase VST 5:1, Score. & S.X./2 for P.C.

Tascam DA - 20 DAT. Visual sample editor. Alesis Midiverb II. Zoom 1204. F.X & Vocoder. ART Multiverb L.T. Drawmer MX. 30 Stereo Gated Expander/Compressor.


128 meg E-MU ESI 2000 & 32 meg E-MU ESI 32.Stereo samplers. Syquest CD-ROM. Iomega Zip drive. Akai S950. Sampler. Syquest power user hard drive. Akai X 7000. Sampling keyboard.


Roland U220. Sample module. Roland U110. Sample module. Roland D110. Sound module. J.H.S. S1023. Digital delay. Akai S612.Sampler. & MD280.Disk.

Various Yamaha and Roland keyboards.


Time lock S.M.P.T.E. processor. Aphex Type C Aural exciter. Ibinez H1000. Harmoniser. Auto Panner Yamaha DD5 Midi drum Pads. Assorted microphones.

Premier drum Kit.

Various Sony cassette decks Dolby C & S Philips CDR 870. Recordable CD Dolby Type S



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