Daisey May Recordings

apparently I'm a big "CULT" !

A.C.T. Music.

I started composing & recording music at A.C.T. Studio in 1980.

Attending the Gateway Studio, London, Recording course 1983.

So far 24shows to date have been original scores.

I have recorded & produced a diverse collection of bands including; Colcannon, Little Noise, Snaptractor, The Labels and even a Big Band

Reviews in magazines such as H&S Recording have praised the "Good Production Ideas" emphasized that "It's all expertly programmed" and "The compositions are by turn fun, alarming, soothing and shocking"

Previously I had been a studio session drummer, and drumming in bands,

(I still do occasionally, drumming on stage at a rock festival). www.clarencepark@ic24.net

1990. In collaboration with that singing sensation Sue Tempest (allsouledout) We reached number 64 in the United Kingdom Demo Charts with "Pale Sun".

I record dance music for selected clubs.

1999. In collaboration with the award winning playwright Keith Pottage, I wrote a pop song entitled "I Am Woman" for The Great British Song Contest, which invites entries for the United Kingdom entry for The Eurovision Song Contest.



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